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We need to fund our schools for quality education. This includes funding to support teachers and support staff; to encourage innovation in the classroom; and to recognize and respect the hard work done in Iowa's K-12 schools and at our Regents' institutions. This session, the GOP legislators have relied on bullying, fear-mongering, and rallying their base with bills like cameras in the classroom and banning of books. I plan to be loud and proud in my support of Iowa's educators and students.


While Iowa City is home to many University of Iowa students for several years, families and retired folks stay in Iowa City and make it their permanent home. Child-care and in-home and managed care providers are important to many households in our community. I know that reasonable personal and property taxes, an eye on economic growth and development, and promoting a living wage are issues that resound with Iowa City residents. 


Green renewable energy, organic and sustainable farming, and clean water and air are vital to the health and growth of Iowa land and Iowa people. The Iowa Legislature needs to develop and pass bills that support agriculture while also supporting the goal to cease use of fossil fuel in the state by 2050 (see Johnson County 2020 Platform). Researching and implementing wind, solar, and water energy should be a funded mandate for the Regent institutions.


It is no secret that the GOP is working hard to restrict reproductive rights and access to safe abortions in Iowa. Prohibiting transgender girls from school sports teams, removing criminal penalties for endangering protesters, regulating school curricula and library books, underfunding mental health services across the state...civil rights and human rights are non-negotiable. I will continue to fight with other Democrats to stop the Iowa GOP from doing more damage.


Developing enhanced penalties for existing crimes and creating new crimes eats up resources better allocated elsewhere. Instead of focusing on crime management, funding should be funneled to community policing to improve police-citizen relationships, instilling trust and respect back into law enforcement; park and rec programs and universal pre-school, giving kids more opportunities to connect with their homes and neighborhoods; and programs that help those with criminal records reacclimate into society, reducing recidivism rates through rehabilitation, responsibility, and restoration of basic rights.

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